Aidan (slice_of_pie) wrote in eye_write,

Newbie (of sorts)

oh, damn... i just heard "here for you" for the first time. i'm newbie to the community, but i've got both E&A cds, and sing thier praises SO high. i LOVE these guys, and i just got (one of) Eyedea's solo cd(s?), The Many Faces of Oliver Hart..., and i just can't fully comprehend how talented this Micheal kid from Minneapolis is. and i don't know about anyone else, but i think Abilities is probably the best DJ i've ever heard, and i aspire to reach his height after, oh, years of practice.

Anyway, just wanted to become a real member of the community.

Also, I know his name's Micheal because i talked to him on the phone a few weeks ago, when i couldn't get into an E&A show, but they're comin back to Chicago in november, so i'm goin then.

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