Aidan (slice_of_pie) wrote in eye_write,

Newbie (of sorts)

oh, damn... i just heard "here for you" for the first time. i'm newbie to the community, but i've got both E&A cds, and sing thier praises SO high. i LOVE these guys, and i just got (one of) Eyedea's solo cd(s?), The Many Faces of Oliver Hart..., and i just can't fully comprehend how talented this Micheal kid from Minneapolis is. and i don't know about anyone else, but i think Abilities is probably the best DJ i've ever heard, and i aspire to reach his height after, oh, years of practice.

Anyway, just wanted to become a real member of the community.

Also, I know his name's Micheal because i talked to him on the phone a few weeks ago, when i couldn't get into an E&A show, but they're comin back to Chicago in november, so i'm goin then.

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That's the only solo he's done.

Deleted comment

you bet it is. Eye's production is amazing. That album is very introspective and chill. Great stuff to get stoned too. My favorite Eyedea songs are on that record.
I've heard Mike Averill but hey who knows. "Weird Side" probably isn't the best representation of the album as a whole, but summing up ANY E&A album with one song will always be impossible, they're way too diverse and talented of a band. Oliver Hart is braggadocio to existential. It's got everything and is a great album.

But anyways, Aidan, welcome home.

Deleted comment

Well, I probably couldn't make that decision. If you ask them they'd say E&A so we'll just go with that for now.